What is math?

To describe math or my favorite thing about math it a challenge because math today is so enormous. That’s like asking me to choose my favorite ice cream and I can’t because there are so many good flavors and so many different combinations. Similar with math there are so many ways it could be described it makes it a difficult task. Generally, I would describe math as a resource for information. Math can be used to problem solve, find patterns, make predictions, provide reasoning, and much more which is all in the tool box of math – the resource for information.

I mean honestly what would we know or be able to do in this world without math. We use this resource in chemistry, physics, businesses, taxes, accounting, architecture … the list goes on! Say you’re playing Yahtzee and you roll all five dice to show all 3’s, and your friend says, “What is the likelihood of that actually happening?” Math is the resource you would have to utilize to figure that out. What if you’re at the hospital and you need a drug to remain in your system at about the same concentration for the next 10 hours? Your doctor would have to use math to figure out how often to give you the drug.

So obviously, math is important. My question is, “How did math come to be? Someone had to create the system or discover it at least. Then there are all the specific areas of study that people helped develop. I know Euclid was a big part of Geometry. Aristotle strongly believed in logic, mathematical reasoning and justification which likely lead to proofs. The most recent discoveries with math are in the application with technology. We have so many tools know that help us do math calculations such as calculators, math programs, search systems like Google. At the moment, I do not know a lot about the history of mathematics but I am interested to learn more in MTH 495.


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